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Review – Mare of Easttown


Welcome to Easttown, Pennsylvania. A dreary excuse for a town and the epicenter of the world’s misery and heartache, if this limited series is to be believed.

Detective Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) hasn’t had the best life. She’s divorced, lives with her bickering mother and teenage daughter, and is trying to raise her grandson after the tragic death of her own boy. On top of that she’s being targeted for not being able to solve the disappearance of a teenage girl a year prior. Things aren’t particularly looking up for Mare and they’re about to go south even further when another young girl turns up murdered.

While ‘Mare of Easttown’ is definitely an ensemble piece, how could it not be with such an extensive and excellent cast, this is beyond a doubt “the big Kate Winslet show”. She is flanked by greats such as Jean Smart

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Review – Percy Vs. Goliath


At the onset of the new millennium, Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser (Christopher Walken) finds himself thrust into a seemingly unwinnable legal battle with the agricultural mega-corp, Monsanto. Based on the Monsanto Canada Inc v Schmeiser court case, Percy Vs. Goliath recounts the events Schmeiser and his family took to stand up for farmers across the globe.

As this film is told from the perspective of the Schmeiser family, naturally you can expect to root for the underdog throughout the entirety of the run time. Walken’s Percy, as naive as he may be, gives a strong, nuanced performance that encapsulates the sheer weight standing up for livelihood has. In contrast to Percy’s closed personality, Roberta Maxwell’s Louise Schmeiser provides the emotional core that is needed to fully relate with the couple. With every choice Percy makes, Louise explores how it affects their lives. While the story revolves around the…

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Review – Werewolves Within


Movies based on video games don’t have a good reputation. But maybe, Hollywood has been focusing on the wrong kind of games. Or the wrong type of filmmakers. Werewolves Within has some serious bite and weirdly works as it’s based on Ubisoft’s virtual reality game. Is this the one to break the video-game-turns-movie-curse? Quoting Mr. Rogers in the opening slide of your movie is a genius thing to start with.

Soon after newly arrived forest ranger Finn (Sam RichardsonPromising Young Woman) meets Beaverfield’s small town citizens, a snowstorm traps him and this weird group of residents inside the local inn. A proposed gas pipeline has been the cause of divisive opinions, but it’s actually a mysterious creature that’s been terrorising the community that’s suddenly on everyone’s mind. Together with postal worker Cecily (Milana VayntrubThis Is Us), Finn will uncover the truth behind…

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Review – A Quiet Place Part ll


There is no denying that the anticipation for A Quiet Place Part ll was incredibly high. The movie was slated to release in April 2020 but due to COVID, the release was inevitably put on hold (naturally). Is A Quiet Place Part ll (which I’ll refer to as AQP2 from now on) worth the trip back to the theaters or should you wait until it becomes available to stream for free (with a subscription) on Paramount +? The short answer — see it in theaters if you can.

The film picks up directly where the first left off. The Abbott’s, recovering from the events of the first film, gather what little supplies they can carry and venture off of the farm in hopes to find other survivors. They find what they are looking for in Emmett (Cillian Murphey), a lone survivor in the mountains who doesn’t take lightly…

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Doc Edge Festival 2021 Review – The Boys Who Said No!


War is hell.

Oscar and Emmy-nominated director Judith Ehrlich talks to a group of Vietnam War resistors and through song and story takes us on a journey of how the propaganda machine can be destroyed by just not maintaining it. Tensions were high in the 1960’s with people learning about what was going on in Vietnam and they didn’t want anything to do with it. Men were publicly burning their draft cards, going to jail and doing anything they could to draw attention to the fact that the war was unjust, unwarranted and would be a blotch in the annals of American history.

Surviving resistance fighters tearfully reminisce about what they went through to get their voices heard to deliver the message to the political powers that be that war is not the answer as killing for peace is an oxymoron.

The use of old photographs, news footage and amateur…

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Review – Initiation


People who know me, know 90’s classic slasher Scream is my favourite film of all time. I love it so much, I end up comparing every other slasher flick with it. Initiation was no exception, and I have to admit – this was pretty good.

The movie takes place at Whiton University, where a case of sexual assault gets buried and toxic masculinity is the norm. That all changes when a masked killer brutally murders a star-athlete and terrorises students across campus. A group of sorority sisters are busy uncovering what the school’s been hiding, while also dealing with trauma within their house. It’s only a matter of time before the next victim takes their last breath and the search for the killer hits closer to home than anyone would expect.

Director John Berardo subverts expectations by delivering a fresh and modern take on the genre, blending social commentary with…

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Review – Finding You



Finding You is the type of film you put on on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The type of romantic comedy of which there are plenty and doesn’t reinvent the genre. It’s a film that knows its target audience and that’s where it’ll find most of its praise.

Finley (Katherine McNamara – ‘The Stand‘), a talented aspiring violinist, meets Beckett (Jedidiah Goodacre – ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘), a famous young movie star, on the way to her college semester abroad program in a small coastal village in Ireland. Even though she finds him arrogant, you can already predict where the plot is going. Rising star Beckett takes the uptight Finley on an unexpected path in life, while she tries to make him stand up against those managing him. Stardom comes at a price. Will their romance bloom or fade before it even had the…

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Mini-Series Review – Secrets of the Whales


The oceans and its many wonders are something that has fascinated humanity from way before you and I were born. National Geographic’s ‘Secrets of the Whales‘ dives deep into waters all over our blue planet to let viewers experience whale culture and its many engrossing facets. Over the course of four episodes, narrated by Sigourney Weaver (Finding Dory), we’ll get to know a bit more about the way whales communicate and the detailed social structures of a handful of different species.

Filmed over three years in 24 locations, we learn that whales are far more complex and more like us than ever imagined. Award winning National Geographic-photographer Brian Skerry gets up close and personal with orcas, the apex predators of the water. They even invite him to share a tasty stingray, after he records them hunting in the crystal clear waters of New Zealand, before he…

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FFFA 2021 Review – PVT CHAT


Pleasure and self destruction…The perfect poison.” – Patick Marber

Jack (Peter Vack) is an addict. Online blackjack and camgirls are his weakness. He is about to be evicted and his only source of income is also the source of his addiction. Rather than to go out into the world, Jack would rather sit at his computer and sometimes on his knees, depending on what he is ordered to do. Scarlet (Julia Fox) is his dominatrix of choice, he even goes as far as to fabricate an elaborate backstory to impress a woman he’s never met and is told lives across the country.

On the rare occasions he does leave his house and communicate with other people, he is constantly thinking about Scarlet, even rejecting a girl in real life because he’d rather be at his computer. Over time, Scarlet lets her guard down and…

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Review – Here Are The Young Men


Who’s in the coffin?

Picture it, Ireland 2003, three young lads, Matthew, Kearny and Rez (Dean-Charles Chapman, Finn Cole & Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) are ready to go out into the world and make it their own. They muse about their futures while drinking vodka and popping oxy by the water with their friend Jen (Anya Taylor-Joy). Everything is looking up until they witness a tragic accident that shakes them all to the core.

Unable to articulate their feelings, the boys overcompensate. Matthew throws himself into work at a garage and attempts to date Jen, but not for the right reasons. Kearny takes his hyper-masculinity to Los Angeles where he documents his violent outbursts and thrives with other people who would rather throw themselves into a world of drugs and degradation than see a therapist. And Rez self medicates to try and silence the chatter in his…

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