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Review – The Tomorrow War


I’m not gonna lie, I was ready to hate on this like there was no tomorrow. Chris Pratt has been “problematic” lately, so why would I waste my time watching him fight aliens for over two hours.

Dan Forester (Pratt), a happily married veteran, is ready to celebrate Christmas with the entire neighbourhood when the World Cup (which in fact will take place in 2022 during winter in the Middle-East) gets disrupted by a cosmic explosion in the middle of the stadium. A group of soldiers have come from the future to warn the entire world of an impending doom that’ll erase all of human life. We jump a year into the future and a worldwide draft has been put in place. All people over 40 will have to join the forces at some point, to time jump into the future and fight a ruthless alien race (called white spikes)…

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