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Review – Here Are The Young Men


Who’s in the coffin?

Picture it, Ireland 2003, three young lads, Matthew, Kearny and Rez (Dean-Charles Chapman, Finn Cole & Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) are ready to go out into the world and make it their own. They muse about their futures while drinking vodka and popping oxy by the water with their friend Jen (Anya Taylor-Joy). Everything is looking up until they witness a tragic accident that shakes them all to the core.

Unable to articulate their feelings, the boys overcompensate. Matthew throws himself into work at a garage and attempts to date Jen, but not for the right reasons. Kearny takes his hyper-masculinity to Los Angeles where he documents his violent outbursts and thrives with other people who would rather throw themselves into a world of drugs and degradation than see a therapist. And Rez self medicates to try and silence the chatter in his…

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