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Review – ‘I Care a Lot’


Written and directed by J Blakeson, ‘I Care a Lot‘ attempts to satirically comment on the pursuit of the American Dream, but the lack of cutting edge storytelling leaves the only cutting edge thing to be Rosamund Pike’s razor sharp bob. 

The dark comedy released through Netflix (depending on the country you’re in this could also be streaming through Amazon Prime Video) tells the story of Marla Greyson (Pike), a court-appointed guardian to the elderly who, with the assistance of a crooked Dr. Amos (Alicia Witt), a shady nursing home manager (Damian Young) and Bonnie-and-Clyde partner Fran (Eiza González), fraudulently obtains legal guardianship of wealthy retirees with little-to-no family to care for them. This all falls part of her scheme to strip them of their autonomy and assets which she liquidates for herself. 

When one of Marla’s wards passes, she goes…

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