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Review – ‘Supernova’


Six years after Harry Macqueen’s debut feature, ‘Hinterland‘, he delivers another road trip love story with his sophomore film, ‘Supernova‘. Visibly grown ever since his last effort, the direction and writing has his signature look and feel to it, but definitely elevated into something much bigger.

Sam (Colin Firth – ‘1917‘) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci – ‘The Witches‘) are traveling across England in their camper van, to visit friends and family. Two years ago Tusker got diagnosed with dementia, and this is slowly but surely taking its toll on them as fear, doubt and miscommunication start seeping into their long-lasting loving relationship.

Macqueen’s love story is infused with compassion, one that comes with a serious moral dilemma when a secret comes to light that would devastate any of us. The slow deterioration of Tusker’s health and sanity doesn’t go…

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