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TIFF20 Review – ‘Another Round’


Mads Mikkelsen is one of the most reliable actors. You can bet your bottom dollar on it that when his name is attached to a project, you’ll get quality. So it’s obvious he’d collaborate again with the director of their Oscar-nominated film ‘The Hunt‘, Thomas Vinterberg. This time he plays a teacher who’s seen better days. Barely motivated to go to work and his marriage that’s slowly dissolving, he and three other friends – also teachers – decide to conduct an “experiment” to keep their blood alcohol level at 0.05% at all times.

Mikkelsen plays Martin, married with children, but the routine and boredom of his job and marriage have him slowly fading away. When his students and their parents call for an intervention, to get him to actually teach them something so they’re ready to graduate and go to college, he realizes something drastically needs to…

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