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Fantasia International Film Festival Review – ‘Dinner In America’ & Short Film ‘You Wouldn’t Understand’


‘Dinner In America’

Fantasia International Film Festival has a killer line up this year. ‘Dinner In America‘ is by far one of the best films on their 2020 program and will definitely end up in my top 10 films of the year. This is for the misfits!

Simon (Kyle Gallner – ‘Ghosts of War’) and Patty (Emily Skeggs – ‘Love You To Death’) don’t really fit in, because no one is making any effort to listen or connect with them. Pyromaniac Simon, who lives every day like it’s the last one, doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He’s always ready to fight whomever looks at him the wrong way. That kind of attitude often gets him into trouble. Socially awkward Patty on the other hand, is a quiet young woman who gets made fun of for her appearance by strangers. Her parents are overprotective, so when she…

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