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Review – ‘Jojo Rabbit’


A film in which an imaginary Adolf Hitler is played by a Polynesian Jew? Only one person has the balls to pull this off. Taika Waititi’s anti-hate satire makes fun of nazi-Germany and its hitlerjugend in his newest film, Jojo Rabbit. Jojo (RomanGriffin Davis),a teenage boy who wants to become the best fascist there is and belong to something bigger than life, joins a youth camp that trains young boys and girls to become better Germans. The camp gets run by one-eyed Captain Klenzendorf (Sam Rockwell), who spends his time sketching fabulous capes and designing new outrageously camp weapons. With him we get his loyal righthand Finkel (Alfie Allen) and his loud lefthand Fraulein Rahm (Rebel Wilson).

When Jojo tries to prove himself to the older bullish camp guide counsellors, things don’t go exactly as planned and the young…

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