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Review – ‘Pain and Glory’


It’s your eyes that have changed, not the film.” – Zulema

Pedro Almodóvar’s work has never been something I would watch a second time. Every time one of his films would get some buzz, I’d go watch it and be disappointed. His newest film ‘Pain and Glory‘ however, might be one of my favourite films of 2019. Plot twist.

Antonio Banderas plays a film director, who reflects on the choices he’s made in life. As past and present come crashing down around him, he realises more than ever before, he’s lived his life the way he always wanted, but at a certain price. We first meet him underwater, sitting on the bottom of his pool, thinking about one beautiful day at the river with his mother and a group of women, doing their laundry. The women harmoniously sing a song under the bright sun, while…

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