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Review – It Chapter Two


This meeting of the Losers Club has officially begun.” – Richie Tozier

Bill Hader and James McAvoy – sewer inspectors

The sequel to the 2017 box office success ‘It‘ starts exactly where it left off. Almost no explanatory flashbacks to the situations the Losers Club got themselves into, fighting the terrifying Pennywise. Only difference in ‘It Chapter Two‘ – they’re all grown up and ready to end It, once and for all.

27 years ago, a fear-indulging creature tried to feast on every teenager alive in small town Derry. A group of friends, defeated the being (disguised as a clown) and moved on with their lives. Or so we think.. After a brutal killing one evening, Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) decides to call every single one of his old friends, begging them to come back to their hometown. Barely remembering the events of…

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